Travel prayer robe

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; lets travel together

When we design this travel prayer robe, we had in mind something that is versatile, can be worn at mosques, musollah, school, hotel or even home! 

It's versatile, hence we made it a 2 piece travel prayer robe. Why 2 piece? It comes with a hijab and a prayer dress itself. The hijab itself is wide and airy, able to cover our chest. You can wear this hijab on its own for last minute-hijab when a guest comes over or when in a hotel room, and you do not have your hijab. Grab and go!

The dress itself we made it extra long, so there's no need to put on any socks. A front zip for easy access to put on and remove to dress easily. Comes with a side zipper pocket too! Keep your handphone and keys safe in your travel prayer robe while you perform your prayers in public. So, for hijabi-sisters, when you are out in public to pray, just bring the dress with you will do! 

And of course, the material we choose have got to be light and airy, always! Each travel prayer robe comes with a custom pouch, pack it and you're ready for prayers!

Each travel prayer robe comes with a matching pouch, you're ready to go!

Please state the name you would like to custom under "note to seller" upon check out

TRAVEL PRAYER ROBE MEASUREMENT (measurements given are in inches)

  Regular Tall
Sleeve 26 26
Chest 27.5 27.5
Hip 29 29
Length 59 64


Front (chest area covered)  16
Back 42