Projecthill pre-ramadhan donation drive

Looking for a way to share your rezeki, but not sure how and where? Let us help you help others through this amazing charity initiative @theprojecthills! You can aid their pre-Ramadhan donation drive by gifting some high quality items ✨

Project Hills is a ground-up initiative that offers various forms of support to families living in public rental housing estates, such as weekly hot meal distributions, school readiness bags, and home refurbishments. 

Since their establishment in 2020, Project Hills has grown from supporting 17 families to over 770 families in public rental housing estates such as Mei Ling Street, Stirling Road and Kim Tian Place.

How does it work? Purchase our selected products - at a DISCOUNT - that you wish to donate.  Starting from just SGD$25 you can donate Bynfitri prayer robes, prayer mats, and apparel. Simply click and purchase online and we will take care of the rest for you!

 projecthill pre ramadhan donation drive bynfitri