Cheese salt cashew

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We would like to emphasise the virtues of giving, sharing, and sadakah. And for that, we have chosen to present to you the cheese salt cashiew, crunchy, soul satisfying - all in one mouthful. To make it easier for you, our cheese salt cashiew comes gift-wrapped as well! 

If you have previously bought our baklavas, then you already know that they are crunchy, bite-sized and just sweet enough. We have received many reviews of how the sweet treats were almost all gone within minutes of opening up the box! 

Warning: it's addictive. One box might not be enough! 

To ensure best quality, kindly store in a cool and dry place at 18 degree celcius. Once opened, do not refrigerate, best kept in air tight container. This product contains nuts.

Our cheese salt cashew  come in 3 different sizes 
- mini (50g)
- large (200g)
- extra large (450g)

No. of pieces varies in each box as the baklavas are calculated by weight