Organic Lines in Navy

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Our shawls debut in 2 designs, and 7 colours in total! What's more - they will be delivered to you in a pretty biodegradable paper canister which you can use to store food in (yes it is food safe!), turn into a vase, stationery holder and much more! Bamboo lid cover can be use as a coaster. Nothing ever goes to waste when you purchase from us.

Shawls are printed on satin polyester with a matte backing, so it doesn't slip. The material provides a nice drape when worn and the front layer of the shawl has a slight sheen exuding elegance and luxury.

Measures at 180 x 70cm and 100% opaque. Each purchase comes with a shawl, canister and a tote bag.

Choose between rose gold or pearl white canister, else we will be giving at random.