Bynfitri x Theartventuresofsurianddzu - Haven Prayer Mat

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Seek shelter from the chaos of the dunya

We are so thrilled to bring you a prayer mat collection with harmonious designs to complement family bonding in prayer. We partnered with Dzu, founder and creative director of theartventureofsurianddzu! Staying true to the artistry of both brands, the Salam collection offers three aesthetically pleasing designs to evoke calmness during family prayer.

In this collab we are using a new padded foam for our mat, which is slimmer than our usual mats for easier storage. It comes with anti-slip backing for safety purposes. Oh yes, we know how the little ones love to jump around but their safety is not compromised! Each mat comes with a multipurpose reusable pouch for storage. And if you would like to store other items... Why not?

For the first time ever, this collab’s unique feature is that each design comes in both adult and kids sizes! The adult mat measures at 68x122cm, whereas the kids mat measures at 50x85cm. We've added cute mini tassels for the kids mat for a playful touch! We strongly believe that a family that prays together, stays together

With its olive, mustard, and grey tones, this mat appeals to lovers of neutrals with its elegant minimalist touch. Behind the protective arc and its gate, the family can pray in peace

- adult size: 68x122cm

- kids size: 50x85cm

- anti-slip backing

- cute mini tassels for the kids mat!

Note : Colours may vary due to lighting & screen resolutions

When you first receive the mats, they may appear crumpled due to the nature of the fabric and the foam. You can iron the mats on low heat. We encourage you to wash the mats only sporadically so that the nature of the foam remains preserved. When you do wash the mats, please use a laundry bag, set the laundry machine on gentle cycle and wash for a maximum of 15 minutes only. Alternatively, you can use wet towels to rub away any stains/dirt