Teachers Day Gift Set A

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Set A

  • custom oversized tote bag
  • disinfectant spray of your choice
  • gift card for handwritten note

Are you a fan of @soapedbysa handmade soaps, sanitisers and disinfectant spray? We are happy to announce that we are working hand-in-hand with @soapedbysa to produce the perfect Teachers' Day gift!

For your dedicated teacher, get an oversized tote bag with their name embroidered for them to carry their worksheets and stationeries. And to keep them safe during this pandemic, we have also included disinfectant spray by @soapedbysa!

We are introducing two new disinfectant spray scents for this collaboration: choose between Sakura (rose + peony) or Restful (lavender)... or both! And if you like a Jo Malone inspired smell, we do have Bluebell as well!

So pick a tote or our exclusive velvet sling bag, customise it with a teacher's name, and select a disinfectant spray scent of your choice! 

For all name customization, please key in desired name under "Note to seller" upon check out. All name customization is up to a maximum of 8 alphabets. Name customization will take at least 5 - 7 working days after we have verified your orders. Name customisation will be done in embroidery.