About Us

bynfitri is a whimsical Islamic lifestyle brand that aims to bring the family together through solat. Style, sustainability, and social awareness merge into a range of high-quality comfortable products that cater to different needs. Whether for the purpose of praying alone or together, whether used at home or on the go, whether purchasing for themselves or sharing our products as gifts, we aim to provide something for everyone.


If it seems to you that our brand has ‘family’ all over it - you’re right!

Our story began when the founder of bynfitri, Nadia, wanted her firstborn to learn solat, but could not easily find a prayer mat made for kids. Being the industrious person she is, Nadia decided to design one herself. Other mothers who experienced the same issue as her responded well to the idea, so she started making more mats and thus bynfitri was born!

Nadia’s philosophy is that children learn through watching and following those near and dear to them, and this makes it important for families to pray together. And why not do so in comfortable and practical prayer garments? So with the birth of her first daughter Zahra, she set out to design a matching mother-daughter prayer robe set which is aptly named after her! Fast forward to 2020: as she was performing the pilgrimage while seven months pregnant with her third child, she was inspired to design the bestselling multi-purpose Raudah prayer robe.


With our high quality prayer robes and modern prayer mats, we believe our products literally bring the family together in comfort through the bonds of shared prayer.

Our brand stands for sustainability, social awareness and responsibility. 

  • Our products are sewn by housewives and members of the deaf community to help them sustain a living. 
  • 100% of the delivery fees paid by customers are given to our independent couriers. 
  • Our products are delivered in eco-friendly tote bags that are reusable and washable in our effort to reduce plastic usage.
  • Our product tags come with positive and encouraging quotes printed on them that can be reused as bookmarks or inspiring reminders pinned up at the work desk - it’s your choice!
  • Our gifts are packaged in eco-friendly washable gift bags which can be reused over and over again.

When you purchase a product from us, nothing goes to the bin. And you are supporting our little community at the same time!