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Thank you for choosing Bynfitri. For all local orders, we provide flat shipping rate or totally free for all orders above $160. Please allow 5-7 working days for your order to be delivered. Every purchase means a lot to us and we hope you enjoy your latest addition

You are able to place up your orders directly on our online store if you reside in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Australia. For all other countries, contact us at hello@bynfitri.com and we are glad to assist you

we do what we do

We design, we create. We produce well-made products that are pleasant to the eye, easy on your skin, leaving you satisfied with every purchase. Each product allows you to fund our tailors who live on a day-to-day income. That means no purchase is too small to make a difference.

Dhia Collection

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prayer robe

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fluffy prayer mat

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"Salam, I have been following you since can't really remember when but masyaAllah sister, I just love all your photos, all your packaging, I just love it! Not only nice but its with personal touch"

mod inner

"Salam Bynfitri! I was at the pop-up yesterday, touched the mod inner, and instantly decided on one. I just put it on this morning and I am in love! So soft and it fits so well. Went to your website and saw it was all sold out. Please do restock!"


prayer mat

"I really love love the sejadah and i'm so sure this is a wonderful gift where no one can resist!!"


prayer robe

"Thank you for creating these awesome prayer robes. It makes my terawih and qiyam with 1yr old twins and a 5yr old so much easier. Especially the zip, making it nursing friendly. I've been living in them pretty much all of Ramadhan"


"I love all the unique and creative posting of yours and great service too!"