Raudah prayer robe

Prayer robe that not only make you look good but feel good. Perfect for relax wear at home too while attending to guests. Made from material that is very light weight, smooth and has a nice drape.

Raudah is a one piece dress and shawl all neatly, modestly sewn with extra baggy fit and extra long in length for our tall sisters. Finger loop added to keep sleeve covered without exposing our wrist and hook attached on shawl for easy fastening before praying. Available in 2 sizes; S and M. And our latest addition has a zipped side pocket!

Coming this 12th Nov, our Raudah Robe are available in 5 different prints

navy fan raudah  

Design 1 Blue Fan

navy floral
Design 2 Navy Floral

Birds Feather Raudah

Birds Feather Raudah
Design 3 Birds Feather

black chain raudah

Black chain
Design 4 Black Chains


Poppy Raudah

Design 5 Poppy (restock print!)

Care Instructions
Hand wash only, wring out to dry


Alteration Service
We are able to provide alteration services for Raudah prayer robe length at a small fee. Please measure accurately and state the length you intended to alter on "note to seller" upon check out. All alterations services will take 5-7 working days. No exchange or refund on all altered items. Please click here to get your prayer robe altered.

Lady in picture in wearing S size, standing at 163cm


Updated as of 3 November 2020