Bynfitri x Poppetry - Lailatul Qadar

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BLESSINGS & PEACE collection

It is a  labour of love of two brands who, while similar in ways (we love Scandinavian and whimsical designs) chosen to collaborate with the common goal of inspiring faith and spreading the love of solat.

With our shared goals of inspiring faith through thoughtfully-designed and well-made products, we decided to collaborate so we can bring you the bynfitri x poppetry Blessings & Peace collection.

The parent & child matching mats are inspired by the Isra Miraj, Night of Power Lailatul Qadar and our 5 daily prayers. Just as we find abundant blessings and peace during these important events and moments in our lives, we hope it continues multiplying as you pray together as a family and spend time reflecting and making dua on our mats.

Nadia & May

Each purchase comes with an custom blessings & peace artcard. If you would like to have more than 1 artcard, you may purchase an additional artcard here

- adult size: 68x122cm

- kids size: 50x85cm

- anti-slip backing

- cute mini tassels for the kids mat!

- wall hook 

Note : Colours may vary due to lighting & screen resolutions

When you first receive the mats, they may appear crumpled due to the nature of the fabric and the foam. You can iron the mats on low heat. We encourage you to wash the mats only sporadically so that the nature of the foam remains preserved. When you do wash the mats, please use a laundry bag, set the laundry machine on gentle cycle and wash for a maximum of 15 minutes only. Alternatively, you can use wet towels to rub away any stains/dirt