Prayer Mat for Wakaf

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Penghantaran dikira semasa daftar keluar.

Seek shelter from the chaos of the dunya

We are glad to share that this Ramadhan, we are able to send our kids prayer mats to orphans in Aceh as wakaf. You can be a part of this! Put a smile on their face today, gift them our stylish padded prayer mats - and we'll take care of all the shipping and logistics! Last day of donation will be on Monday, 26th April 2021 before we ship the prayer mats to Ibnu Sina Integrated Boarding School in Aceh

May Allah bless your kind heart for spending your rezeki on those in need! 

- kids size: 50x85cm

- anti-slip backing

- cute mini tassels for the kids mat!

Note : Colours may vary due to lighting & screen resolutions