Ramadhan Kit Bynfitri x Rara

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Give every child the gift of Ramadhan by providing them an engaging Islamic educational resources for all Muslim children. Specially curated by two mommies, this Ramadhan kit is everything you need for the little one to get the most of Ramadhan. As you share with your little ones, they get to enjoy tracking fasting days using our fasting chart, learn step by step how to take wudhu from our colourful wudhu chart, memorize daily dua’s on cute flashcards and enjoy praying on our exclusive fluffly padded prayer mat! Each Ramadhan Kit comes with a limited edition tote bag for the little ones to carry all the items. Your little one will have endless fun embracing the holy month of Ramadhan!


What’s in the box

Each kit consists of :
1. DIY coloring shadow craft box

2. Daily Dua Flashcard
⭐ Niat for fasting
⭐ Doa when breaking fast
⭐ Doa before eating
⭐ Doa when going to sleep
⭐ Doa to increase knowledge
⭐ Doa to take wudhu

3. Daily Reminder Flashcards:
⭐ 5 Zikirs
⭐ 5 Pillars of Islam
⭐ 5 Daily Prayers
⭐ Start everything with Bismillah
⭐ End with Alhamdulillah

4. Waterproof & Tearproof Wudhu Chart
⭐ Daily good deeds
⭐ Cute stickers for daily fasting reward

5. Waterproof & Tearproof Fasting Chart with stickers
⭐ Easy step by step illustrations
⭐ Tape it on the bathroom wall for easy reference

6. Limited Edition Tote Bag

7. “I Am Fasting Today” button badge

8. Padded Prayer mat (50cm x 85cm)

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If you would like the Ramadhan Kit to be personalised, leave the name under "note to seller" and we will get it printed on the Ramadhan Kit :)