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Practical, mobile, sustainable, and cute! Shop & donate, part of the sales proceeds will go to Ibnu Sina Integrated Boarding School in Aceh more information here ; efforts to refurbish the school for orphans, needy and the underprivileged. 

Hid (@loveinaara) and Nadia (@bynfitri) have been making Ramadhan kits since 2019. This project combines Hid’s joy in creating kid's room deco with Nadia’s love of raising awareness of Islam, and both of their passion for design!


This year’s theme is ‘Embracing Ramadhan’. With all that is happening in the world during these uncertain times, we welcome this blessed month, hold it close to us and seize the opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones.


Bond with your little ones through our mobile kit which contains helpful reminders such as: 

  • The five pillars of Islam explained, including a Ramadhan chart to keep track of the fast
  • Plenty of zikir to remember Allah with
  • Dua to start and break the fast


It is A4-sized PVC panel, easily detachable, washable, and compliments any room decor. In keeping with our desire for sustainability, we have designed it to be useful throughout the year. The mobile panels can be detached and replaced with future panels that are in the pipeline, so watch out for those! 

It can be hung anywhere, and makes for a great learning tool to reference or refresh the memory! Light and convenient, it fully deserves the name Mobile.

Whether for the little ones, or just for you - get yours now!

Colors may differ due to lighting and photography.