Lights, Camera, Snap!

As we prepare for our new website launch, we engaged @hamyzahalek to shoot our products (Thanks a million Myza!). It was our very first time to have a professional shot taken with the right equipments and proper studio! It's a long day process (post-processing takes even longer!) but Alhamdulilah, all went well. A little touch up here and there and we are good to go, Insya Allah.


Its the weekend and Ibu and her two assistant had to bring along none other than the Little Tuan. He was very excited for the photoshoot at first. Smiling and pointing to the lights and all. But of course after hours and hours, he got cranky. What we learn is that,working with toddlers is really a lot of trial and errors. Some things don't go as planned, but you make do with whatever you have! <3


We've got new products such as praying mats, brooches, bibs and more coming along! And some of the popular products will be re-stocked too! Have you signed up with our newsletter to be the first to know and enjoy exclusive discounts? Hehehe.


much love,

Ibu Haris






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