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Do you know what time it is? Because it is almost LAUNCH O'CLOCK!

That's right, what is in store for you tonight at 8PM!


P I S T A C H I O  B A K L A V A | from $10

If you have previously bought our pistachio baklavas, then you already know that they are crunchy, bite-sized and just sweet enough. We have received many reviews of how the sweet treats were almost all gone within minutes of opening up the box! Do note that number of pieces per box may vary as baklava is counted by weight.

mini (9pcs, 50g), $10

large, 220g, $39

extra large, 450g, $50


C H E E S E  S A L T  C A S H E W | from $5

Cheese salt cashiew, crunchy, soul satisfying - all in one mouthful. 

mini, 50g, $5

large, 200g, $18


extra large, 450g,  $25


P I S T A C H I O  F I L O  B A K L A V A | from $6

One of the most famous Arab and Eastern sweets consists of pistachio roasted with Arabic ghee. Number of pieces may vary per box as baklavas are calculated by weight

mini, 4 pcs, 50g, $6

medium, up to 26pcs, 150g, $35 per box

large, up to 36pcs, 200g, $40


R O L L E D  C A S H E W  B A K L A V A | from $6
Fine layers of pastry, rolled with a cashew nut filling and lightly sweetened. 

mini, 50g, $6


medium, 150g, $25 per box


large, 200g, $32


A S S O R T E D  B A K L A V A | from $10
The mouth-watering kunafe is wrapped in the shape of the nest and the cashew or pistachio nuts are placed inside.

mini, 9 pcs, 50g, $10

medium, up to 25pcs, 150g, $35 per box

large, up to 33pcs, 200g, $39


W R A P P E D  P I S T A C H I O  B A K L A V A | from $6
Several dough chips are placed on top of each other and wrapped around pistachio nuts. 

mini, 6 pcs, 50g, $6

medium, up to 25pcs, 150g, $25 per box

large, up to 33pcs, 200g, $32 

Number of pieces per box varies as baklavas are calculated by weight


T R A V E L  P R A Y E R  R O B E | from $55
add $9.90 for name customisation on sleeve

The dress itself we made it extra long, so there's no need to put on any socks. A front zip for easy access to put on and remove to dress easily. Comes with a side zipper pocket too! Keep your handphone and keys safe in your travel prayer robe while you perform your prayers in public. So, for hijabi-sisters, when you are out in public to pray, just bring the dress with you will do! 

And of course, the material we choose have got to be light and airy, always! Each travel prayer robe comes with a custom pouch, pack it and you're ready for prayers! Can be worn at mosques, musollah, school, hotel or even home! 

Travel prayer robe in ivory

Travel prayer robe in carnation

Travel prayer robe in pewter

Travel prayer robe in aswad 

Travel prayer robe in french rose

Name embroidery will be on the sleeve, limited to 8 alphabets. Do allow 5-7 working days excluding delivery for embroidery work to be completed.

W A T E R P R O O F  T R A V E L  P R A Y E R  M A T | $35

Our innovative fabric means that our travel prayer mat is not only light, it will also stay grounded so you can stay grounded in solat! And have we mentioned it is both waterproof AND machine washable? Each travel prayer mat comes with a pouch. Waterproof travel prayer mat measures at 52 x 105cm.

Floroom waterproof travel prayer mat

Freesia waterproof travel prayer mat

Daffodil waterproof travel prayer mat


S A R O N G  K H A L I F A H | From $25

Please don't think we've forgotten about the guys! We know that men like a fast and fuss-free sarong, and we've got one that you can literally just hang up after praying - no folding required! Folds into its own pocket and transform into its an easy carry pouch. Scroll down to see on size & measurements

matching father and son sarong khalifah

Folds into its own pocket and transform into its an easy carry pouch

Elastic band for kids (right) and non elastic for adult (left)



P O L K A T O T E | From $20
If you would like to personalise your polkatote, please state the name/initials upon check out under "note to seller" section. Do state whether you would like to custom on the strap or at the front of the tote


Polkatote is whimsical, fun and vibrant everyday tote. It has lots of storage space for you to keep your wallet, phone, tablet, bottle, prayer wear, books.. you name it! Specially designed as a fashionable lightweight bag perfect for those on the go. A drawstring closure stopper to keep your belongings safe and secure indeed.

Bag measures approx 43 x 38 x 9cm

Care instruction: Machine washable, wash inside out

Be sure to grab your polkatote for the SPECIAL price of $20 on launch day - 15 October, from 8 pm to 11.59pm! Afterwards, all polkatotes will go for $25.

Interested in putting a personalised name on the bag? Leave it up to us! Only at $9.90 extra :)


name customisation at the front of the pumpkin orange polkatote

name customisation on the strap on sage polkatote


Are you just as excited as we are? We would like to e-meet you on 15th october, only on! 

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