Travel Prayer Mats

As we know, 2020 hit the world real hard. Every.single.individual. It forces us to think out of the box, to make plan B and there's no more Ifs. You have to try new things and adapt and live on. Experiences, rise and falls only make us stronger and a better person, Insya Allah.

So here we are in 2021, Bynfitri turn 4 in January with a new HOPE. And the past few months have been nothing but non-stop brainstorming, designing and putting all the thoughts and ideas into work. So, this will be our biggest launch ever, on Friday, 15th Jan at 8pm.

What will be available during our biggest launch? We will have Raudah robe, travel prayer robe, mod inner, masks and travel prayer mat.

This travel prayer mat can fit in your pocket, purse, bag or just about anywhere! Ideal for those of you who are on the go, students, and those who do not want to carry around traditional bulky prayer mat. Machine washable, its extremely lightweight and beautiful! Each travel prayer mat comes with a matching pouch.

52cm x 105cm

Top: Premium Cotton
Bottom: Canvas

*Travel prayer mat is machine washable

New designs which will be available


Each travel prayer mats comes with a pouch




Dotty in cream

Dotty in black



Peacock Green


Signature Black Travel Prayer Mat

Price at $28.90 each. With name embroidery, travel prayer mat will be at $38.80.